Reverse Your PCOS With Clinical Dietitian, Expert Coaches and Indian Recipes.

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Six Month
  • • 24 consultations with our clinical nutritionist

  • • Round the clock unlimited appointments with our clinical experts

  • • 2 live sessions/month highlighting fitness/exercise group session

  • • Personal lifestyle coach at your aid round the clock


Three Month
  • • 12 steadfast consultation with our clinical nutritionist

  • • 2 video call appointments with our clinical experts

  • • custom diet plans every week and 2 live sessions/month highlighting fitness/exercise and support session

  • • Personal lifestyle coach at your aid round the clock


One Month
  • • 3 dedicated consultations from our clinical nutritionist

  • • Custom diet chart MADE FOR YOU/week

  • • continuous support from lifestyle coaches 3 times/week

  • • A free lifetime subscription to our PCOS-free meal recipes


Our Expert


M.Sc(Clinical Nutrition),
Specializes in long term weight management.

Passionate about nutrition and an expert in evaluating the dietary needs of a client Lakshmi has an inclination towards empowering others by understanding their symptoms, their bodies, and how even small diet and lifestyle changes can yield a more healthful, vibrant life in time. She is highly skilled in various fields of diet planning, nutrition counseling, management, public speaking, and healthcare.

Happy Clients



This is the story of Harshini who currently is in the best phase of her life after she got her PCOS under control and her social life back with no insecurities. Before she started, she did have a lot of things that pulled her down and being a young college student with those symptoms was not easy on her. The physical and mental coaching from Prasanna and the coaches helped her and made her PCOS free.



Aditi is an MBA and with a management role comes a lot of stress and pressure.In all this she realized that she was not making any progress or changes towards her physical and mental betterment. Our approach was to coach her to get some time out in the day for her self. And with that she started to get better and eventually got rid of the symptoms.



Being an IT professional is no joke. The work stress and pressure is imense and there's no boundation of time. This affected Vasanti to a Great Extent and she realized that it was time to get her self and her PCOS in check. After she contacted Prasanna, with the right diet and Exercise coaching, she actually reduced her PCOS and got in the best phase of her life.